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Traveling Smart

By Dorothea Helms

There are several ways to gauge whether a marriage is on solid ground. One is to do a long car trip together and see how it goes. My husband and I put our 35-year marriage to the test in May, except we added an extra challenge. We drove 3,800 km in total on our holidays – in his Smart Car!

When Rich asked me a few months ago whether I’d like to attend a microcar conference festival in Madison, Georgia with him in May, he was shocked when I said yes. He had already taken several long trips with the Smart – even as far as Arkansas – and I was always too busy to go. I’d ridden in the Smart many times, but never for long distances. I figured with months to plan, I could take a few days away from my freelance writing businesses. Plus, we were able to combine the car event with visits to family along the way.

Smart Living

By Rich Helms

Rich’s Smart Cabrio at Duke University in Durham, NC

I didn’t realize how my driving would change when my editor called me on Feb 10, 2004 and said, “Mercedes just announced the Smart car.“ An email to the local dealer and a fax the next day, and I had a Smart ForTwo cabrio on order. In October, I got to drive one for the first time and select the features I wanted. Then on Jan 2005, almost 11 months later, I took delivery of my green-on-green Smart cabrio.