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Margaret the Reindeer

OK. Whose brilliant idea was this

School Sweater

Margaret in her School Sweater

We think Stacy and Clinton would approve.

Family Reunion

On Sunday Sep 28,2008 we traveled to Blackstock to see Margaret’s mother Maggie and her breeder Rose Brown. Margaret was so excited I had to hold her from climbing over me and out the car window. She was “going home.”

Maggie greets Margaret with a big kiss

Margaret and her mother Maggie

Maggie – Christmas 2007

Maggie’s birthday party

Now we know where Margaret gets sitting like this


Margaret’s new Favourite way to beg

Margaret’s new Favourite way to beg

A new variation on begging

A new variation on begging

Margaret Rutherford Helms

Introducing our newest member of the Helms household. Born Jan 14, 2008.

Margaret’s Mother Maggie

Margaret with her mama Maggie Margaret swimming Margaret after a roll in the mud

Puppy Shots

Margaret’s family. Margaret is the one on the bottom step. Early Puppy Shot Loves to sit in things

Named after our favorite actress – Margaret Rutherford