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Anthony’s Aussie Skatebike Restoration Complete

Anthony from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia contacted me in Feb 2020 about a skatebike he bought. Now just three months later he sent me details on the restoration. What a beautiful job. I especially love the labels for the Minson logo and Twisties slogan. Well done Anthony.

Finished Photos

In Anthony’s Words

Now that the Minson Skatebike is finished, there are a few companies I want to thank for their help and guidance.

I used the original truck and wheels, but replaced the bearings, bushes and pivot cup.

Frame work was painted the wrong colour and the stickers were not want I ordered, but in hindsight, it did come up better than I hoped, and I am happy with it.

All the chrome work on the crank came up a treat and is back to original condition. I do have the chain guard also, but I do think it looks better without it.

The guys at Lux BMX  know their stuff with supplying the drivetrain.

On my first ride on it, I was a little bit cautious, but once I went down to the local park, I started to get the hang of it once again.

Being classified as an old fart now, I can see the reasons why I enjoyed this so much as a teenager in the 80’s. I rode around the park for nearly an hour, and I was stuffed, pooped out.

It’s taken over 30 years to find another Skatebike and only a few short months to restore it back to its former glory.

There are still many more years of life left in it for me to enjoy it.


Before Shots

Any Yet Another Aussie Restoration

Anthony from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia contacted me about a skatebike he is restoring. Anthony had one back in the 80’s. He paid just under $70 USD which considering the condition is an excellent buy.

(Link to the restored skatebike)

While it looks similar to Andrew’s Twisties Skate Bike, it is not. It is a different model. Note the silver stripe on the seat and the off-frame brake mounting bracket. This is an early model. This is the photo from the original manual that came with the bike. Actually it is a scan I made this morning of my manual that came with my bike. Notice the silver stripe, the off-frame brake mount but different is a curved front truck support. I have never seen a curved front support.

Photo from original owners manual