Stage Play Script Template

In 2023, I took a graduate program on play writing. For the course my mentor wanted the script done in MS Word. I have Final Draft 12 and like it, but MS Word had several advantages for me. First, both my mentor and my wife are fluent Word users. I also have Word of my iPad and iPhone.

I needed a template. I am comfortable creating templates, so after looking around, I built my own. I tried to put many of the auto formatting features of Final Draft.

The template conforms to strict play script standards: 8.5×11, Courier 12 font, 1″ margins, pages numbered up top and a separate title page that is not part of the page numbering. I live in Canada, so mine is set up for English (Canada) but trivial to change to US, UK or Australia.

There are two forms of stage play scripts: book and stage performance. A book script puts the character name at the beginning of the line followed by a tab, then the dialogue. Its advantage is that it’s very compact. A stage performance script is spread out with the character name centred, then dialogue following on the next line. The first template included is a stage performance template.

The title page is not considered part of the script. All author info is included on the title page only. If you are entering a submission where they want a “blind” copy, that is a script without the author identified. Convert the script to PDF, but skip the title page and you have a blind script.

To use this template, download the docx file. Make a copy, naming the file to your play. Load into MS Word and modify to your script. If you make changes to the styles, then when you need your next script, duplicate that file and start again.

I work this way rather than importing it as a template as I regularly tune the styles.

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