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My SkateBike

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In the mid 1980’s while shopping in Eaton Centre I spotted this SkateBike in Collegiate Sports. It was love at first sight and I bought it. After we moved to the country it got little use as we lived on a dirt road. For years it sat in my barn. Recently I pulled it out and set out to restore it.

This video shows the same model. One of the key issues is the seat post is only 200 mm long so unless you were a kid you could not get proper leg extension. Also the brake lever under the seat is a bit weird.

Another video of a kid riding same model as mine. Even his seat is too low.

Love this video of a competitor to mine. It is so 1980’s.

Another brand of skatebike – MTV LeRun skate-bike commercial

Another brand of skatebike – SQRL Skatebike

My bike is badly rusted and the tire cracked. I have been collecting up measurements to replace parts. Fortunately most of them are common. As I intend to actually use it I want to replace the wheel with a coaster brake one. The tire is 16×1.75 so finding a coaster brake unit should not pose a problem.

A longboard truck will work on the front. The included truck is an old-school mounting with 2.5″ holes front to back. Once I settle on the tire and truck/wheel I can select the appropriate riser thickness.

The biggest challenge is the cranks. The old bottom bracket is a common British/ISO unit but the cranks are only 100 mm long. The shortest unit I can find is 115 mm for BMX riding. You can see from the videos there is room for a longer crank and as I recall the short length makes for hard pedaling. This weekend I will investigate the bike parts. I may have to just restore the old BB/crank.

Powerhouse Museum Collection entry on the Skate Bike

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