Create your own Book Trailer – with Rich Helms

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Joby GripTight Micro Stand

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Want to create a book trailer? In my upcoming course, you will learn to design, write, shoot, edit and promote. We start off discussing a collection of outstanding book trailers and how they were created then how to design and create. With today’s user-friendly technology, you can do it!

So you need a book trailer? With YouTube’s popularity, it is easy to upload and show your videos. But where do you start to create your promo? This workshop will examine book trailers, their elements and approaches, guidelines and production strategies. Then we will look at target markets and how the effects a trailer design. We will then examine sources of stock images, music, sound effects and video, followed by how to capture live video including actions shots. The culmination of the day will look at how to make a trailer with iPhone iMovie and Animoto.

Students will have access to the Book Trailer 101 website for samples, analysis, guidelines and discussion.

In the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Analyze a book trailer by examining several trailer components and strategies
  • Plan your trailer
  • Write your script
  • Shoot, edit and upload using several approaches including:
    • Animoto with a smartphone or camcorder
    • GoPro for action shots
    • Publish to YouTube
    • iMovie for iPhone and iPad

The one-hour version focuses on elements and approaches to a book trailer and an introduction to Animoto.

About Rich Helms

Rich Helms

Rich Helms is a seasoned software developer with over 30 years of experience in computer Research and Development. His credentials range from deep technical work (five patents in hardware and software) to running R&D. Rich has been developing multi-media technology since the 1980’s including CARES (Computer Assisted Recovery Enhancement System) for the Metropolitan Toronto Police. CARES was the first computer system in the world for aging missing children. He is a past Board Member of the WCDR.

In 2010 co-authored Amazon SimpleDB Developer Guide for Packt Publishing.


  1. Donna Thompson December 11, 2013

    Hi Rich,
    I have released my book trailer on my site and across social media. This is in tandem with my new publication, “The Glitch Factory: Perfectly Human in an Imperfect World” Thank you for the lessons, details and inspiration, as part of the trailer team. Feel free to use the work as an example and for critique purposes in your classes. I really enjoyed the camaraderie and instructive atmosphere of the course and thought I would like to contribute in a small way. I felt more willing to innovate and experiment, for success, through your example. Enjoy! Here is the link: You are welcome to own the book, naturally. 🙂
    Cheers, Donna

  2. Donna Thompson November 17, 2013

    Thank you Rich for the workshop on Book trailers. I had already begun mine in anticipation of my new release but I am still working on the live music recording side of things. You gave me a few insights into the avenues available for completing the project within budget. You also, shared a variety of resources from your extensive data base for enhancing the experience for the reader/watcher.

    I look forward to experimenting with IMovie. I also will enjoy perusing some of the sights that allow you to use special effects and video clips that are beyond the reach of my equipment or personal resources.

    The conversations on the type of files, MP4 being the most popular was helpful for generating videos in a compatible format. The tech information was strong!

    I see Animoto as a tool for fast simple videos but there is no opportunity to edit or create as it is quite automated. Still it is incredibly useful in the right setting.

    The viewing and analysis of completed trailers categorized under the wide spectrum of diverse styles/types was truly fun.

    We had some great discussions around books as they relate to video, young adult genres, coffee roasting and more. I look forward to trying the coffee smoothie. Yummm

    Sally Moore, Dorothy Helms and questions from Janet Bow had a lot to add to the quality of the presentation and the overall conversation. Thanks ladies! I ,of course, was happy to join into the discussions as well and meet all of you.

    If this is considered working on a Sunday, I love my job. 🙂

    • RichHelms November 17, 2013

      Thanks Donna. It was a super group. Lots of discussion. I was impressed that the group found ways to improve most demonstration trailers. It showed me that people were understanding the material.