Paper Mache Angler Fish Tongue and Mouth Lining

Cut out a piece of cardboard, cut the length of a white sock and insert

The shape of the mouth gives a ledge to rest the tongue on

The tongue is painted with a 50/50 glue/water mixture then full strength glue is applied to the cut end. Two heavy bowls were placed on top to hold it in place

Once dried the back is reinforced with more paper mache.

As there is a lot of glue under the end it is important to let this dry overnight. Excess glue can cause the body to warp.

Next step is to create the interior. I tried crumpled paper and cloth but it did not look convincing. A trip to a used clothes store resulted in an elastic girls tube top. The elastic made it so that I could stretch and form to the odd mouth shape.

To attach the fabric I drilled holes and sewed it on with black thread. A simpler solution is to buy a package of cloths pins. Run a bead of glue under a part and clip into place. Then once the glue is dry just remove the pins. If you are using wooden pins, you may need to put a stirp of plastic to prevent the glue from attaching to the pin jaw surface.

A slot for the tongue to stick through and cut and here is the result. The cloth is soft and pliable so the next step is to paint with 50/50 glue/water mixture to solidify it. Then acrylic paint is added to give it colour and more stability.

Mouth lining in

Mouth Lining being painted

One after thought was why didn't I leave most of the red and pattern showing? Good question. In hind-sight I probably should have left it. Around the edges I need to build up the lip and get rid of the white and blue. My idea was if the lining was all one red that would be easier to do. Next time I will leave the pattern.

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