Paper Mache Angler Fish – All About Fins

As you know from my previous post, Wilbur is actually a female angler fish. I posted on Facebook and Margaret MacKay Hefferman suggested my favourite Wilburine. “Sort of like Wolverine, but the feminine!” So Wilbur is now Wilburine. Other fish do tend to shorten it to Wilbur though. 🙂

Now on to the topic of this post – Fins. It was time to finish the fins. I have been putting this off as I have not been happy with the tail fin I made. Here is a pictorial diary to show you the process.


  • Details on the Melanocetus murrayi
  • Weldbond glue This stuff is fast drying and amazing to use.

I live in Canada so my links are to Canadian suppliers but similar products are available.

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