Paper Mache Angler Fish – Adding “Braces”

Braces? Let me back track a bit. Once the lower teeth were glued on I started posting pictures of the progress on Facebook. The fish gained a name, Wilbur and people started commenting. A friend said he needed braces for his teeth. As the back story on Wilbur grew I decided he did need braces, but not to make his teeth straighter but more crooked. After all he is supposed to be a ferocious fish. I looked up braces and figured I would get some silver cube shaped beads, wire and glue them on.

First the top teeth are painted with a titanium white and burnt umber bland of acrylic paint. I glues on the alphabetic beads then strung silver string through them. On the end beads silver paint was applied to fill and hole and secure the string. I could not string wire through as the beads were so misaligned. While the appearance is nice, I felt armature wire would look so much more realistic.

Top Braces 1

Top Braces 2

Top Braces 3

There are two interesting things about the images. The first is the top braces but also the bottom teeth gaps are filled in with red acrylic paint, medium and chopped egg carton pulp. Next I finished the bottom lip like the top. As the inside was already complete this was simple to complete.

Bottom lip yarn glued on

Bottom lip applied and final touch up paint applied

The completed bottom teeth look so nice. I wanted to do an even better job on the braces. First I painted them to match the top. I bought a small roll of armature wire. This creates a more realistic look but you can not pull it through when the beads are not aligned. The trick is to glue on end beads with loose ones in the middle. Then once the glue sets, bend the wire and glue in the close ones.

Armature Wire

Gluing on lower braces

Lower Braces complete

I love the end result. The armature wire creates a much stronger look.

Well that's it for now. I just started the eyes. That will be the next post. Till then.

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