Orlando Trip – March 2006

In late March 2006, I drove my smart car to Orlando Florida for a business trip. On the return trip I visited the Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia (link to article). Here are some of the pictures that I didn’t use.

Lobster Car.jpg
Lobster Car – Boston Lobster Feast
Orlando, FL Mar 23, 2006

GEM with my smart.jpg
Two seater electric GEM
Many people think the smart is a Chrysler GEM

GEM 4 seater.jpg
GEM Four Seater

Joe w smarts.jpg
Joe behind my smart with his three smarts
Atlanta, GA – Mar 25, 2006

rich in crossblade.JPG
Rich in a smart crossblade

Rich driving Janus.jpg
Rich driving a 1958 Zundapp Janus

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