Next plans for the skate bike

Skate bike with new seat and brake handle

I was very encouraged by yesterday’s ride. The tire pressure was low so I pulled the tire/tube but could not find any leaks. I applied two layers of cloth tape to the rim inside to protect the tube from the spoke caps, dusted the tire inside with baby powder and reinflated. I will watch it.

I was not happy with the seat height so I need to look for another post. I got an aluminum one but it is snug. I will check the steel/chrome ones. The post is one inch but sold as a 25.4mm. A steel one is easy to find.

Next was the seat. I have several saddles at home and found this old Trak one. The hand brake lever mounted nicely and the seat is higher so I am going to try it. As discussed before I went for a coaster brake wheel. I can see the value of the hand brake so I am looking for a new one. The old one is badly corroded.

Bell helmet with GoPro camera

The second interesting part was my new GoPro camera and helmet. I am a firm believer in helmets. I have several for road bikes but the skate bike and unicycle is more like a BMX setup with back falls. I needed something to protect the back of my head in a rear fall. I have been interested in the GoPro and saw this an a nice opportunity to try one. First observation – that is the most amazing adhesive on the mount. That puppy is never coming off. Dorothea also played around with how-to-do the roaming camera capture. Carrying around the camera on the folded up tripod gave some stability to the shot. Laying in the picture-in-picture is a challenge as the GoPro footage does not show real time when you preview in iMovie so I had to work from visual markers. It is a place I can see a clapboard helping to provide sync points.

Lots of interesting things to explore. Now I am looking for the brake calipers. That should be interesting.

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