New Brake on as well as New Seat Post

New post and brake

I am getting there. In the last few days I installed a 300 mm 25.4mm aluminum seat post to replace the steel 200mm one. The old post was corroded but the key problem was it was too short. Even with it extended beyond the safe limit I was still about two inches short. I believe having the seat at proper height will give better control like it does on a unicycle. The challenge was the new posts were a hair too thick. Between a belt sander and a wire wheel I removed a small amount and the new post fits great.

Next was reinstalling a rear hand brake. The brake handle worked even better on the Trek seat than on the original supplied seat. The front slope of the tubes provided a downward slope making for cleaner cable routing. I purchased a basic real caliper side-pull brake. The cable needed to be long enough to accommodate the seat raised to full height. In the pictures it is more in the position for me so there is extra bend.

Park BT-5 Adjustable Third Hand Brake Tool holding caliper closed

While installing the cable I got to use one of my favorite Park Tools – the BT-5 Adjustable Third Hand Brake Tool. No longer made by Park, it holds the brake closed while the cable is threaded and tightened.

Complete Skate Bike

conesTo make my next ride more challenging I bought soccer collapsible marker cones. It was an idea I read in a unicycle book. The nice part is if I run over one it just flattens. I also bought a handlebar mount for the GoPro camera so can do shots with the camera attached to the frame. That should give an interesting perspective.

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