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While exploring the history of the Minson skate bike I found the original US patent for a “Roller bicycle“.
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Filed: Mar 14, 1983 Granted: Jun 18, 1985 Status: Lapsed

Some interesting quotes from the patent.

This invention relates to a roller bicycle having rollers rotably mounted on the front wheel shaft and a single rear wheel for a common use as a sporting and playing apparatus on which one can ride forward and backward by keeping his balance, thereby improving his agility and developing his physical strength.

Translation: The wheel is a fixed crank like a unicycle so that you can ride forward and backward.

“Unlike the usual bicycles, one must keep his balance continuously while riding on the roller bicycle of the present invention so as not to fall. Furthermore, one must step on the ground with both feet at the moment of falling to prevent himself from falling, and when stop ping said roller bicycle, one should also brake it by stepping on the ground. In other words, said roller bicycle doesn’t need any additional brake means.”

Translation, the original design didn’t have brakes, coaster or the under seat hand unit.

As illustrated by dot-dash-lines in FIGS. 1 & 2, said front roller base 4 may be extended forwardly to form a projecting support plate 5′ on which a front support tube 5 will be vertically mounted, whereby a grip bar 18 can be inserted into said front support tube 5 and the height of said grip bar 18 can be adjusted by means of a adjusting clamp lever 6′ so that unskilled beginners can use said grip bar 18 for mounting and riding on said saddle 17.

While unskilled beginners may require said grip bar 18 and said adjusting clamp lever 6′, skilled people will not need them. Therefore, in view of the production cost and the manufacturing process, it may be also recommendable to omit said projecting support plate 5′.

Translation: An optional support tube was in the original design. This would help beginners to steer. The SQRL Skatebike has such a tube. You can see it in action in this video.

Minson logo plate

Minson logo plate

Notice the original drawings even had the round plate over the wheel for the logo.

Someone asked me the question where my Minson skatebike was made. Answer: it was made in Taiwan.


  1. Will September 20, 2016

    I have a original minson skatebike on a 12 Inch wheel in blue. Would love for someone to tale a look

    • Rich Helms September 20, 2016

      Send a picture to me at rich@richhelms.ca and I will post it.

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