LeRun Restoration

John Cummings III of Honolulu is restoring this vintage LeRun he found on his walk to work. Someone had thrown in out. One man’s trash…

I am looking forward to seeing John’s restoration.


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  2. RichHelms March 9, 2014


    I got the images. Thanks. I will post them on the site tomorrow

    Seven LeRuns. I am jealous. Nice collection.

  3. Jon Chan March 9, 2014

    Hi Rich,

    Photos of the bikes and the manual have been uploaded here:

    Unfortunately, one of the bikes is currently unusable – the spindle on the bottom bracket has worn down so the crank is wobbly. I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement yet, so I’ve turned that bike into parts donor. It’s been a fun project though.

  4. RichHelms February 28, 2014


    I had thought of putting a unicycle seat on my bike. Unicycle seats are designed to control the bike while a bicycle seat is just designed to support not for control

    • Jon Chan March 9, 2014

      Hi Rich,
      Funny coincidence! I’m currently finishing up a Le Run rebuild too. I think one of my bikes came with a manual – I can dig it up and send some photos if you’d like them for your site.

      • RichHelms March 9, 2014


        I would like to post shots of your bike and if you have the manual putting up a scan of it would be wonderful. My wife thinks she knows where the manual that came with my Minson is. We are going to look.

  5. RichHelms February 28, 2014

    You ride very well. Much better than I do.

    I bought my skatebike in 1985. My son and I rode it a lot when we lived in the city but we moved to the country in 1987. Skatebikes don’t work well on dirt roads so mine sat in the barn for years. I restored it last summer.

    Send me some pictures. You have my email from the note and I can post them.

  6. Robert Gonzalez February 28, 2014

    Rich Helms,
    I have designed a skate bike and I have a new name (SWCykles aka: Skate Wheel Cykles) I consider myself a pro with 3yrs. I love my skate wheel cykle that my vision is to form an extreme team of fearless riders. This is necessary so that people see how the cykles are supposed to be mastered for serious fun! Email me and ill send you some pictures and video of how i ride my SWCykle.

    • RichHelms February 28, 2014


      Is this you riding your LeRun?

      If so NICE LOOKING scoot. Love the polished metal frame.

      • Robert Gonzalez February 28, 2014

        Yes that is me riding the swcykle just arrived from fabrication. I have since added color risers they serve as shock absorber making it smooth ride. Also added 76mm beast wheels these are the best for urban streets. Im designing a seat that i believe will help the rider control the cykle and so comfortable for long rides. I ride 4-5 miles each day. My vision is to be in X-games. How long have you been riding?

        • Jon Chan March 9, 2014

          Hi Robert,
          I’ve started a small group of skatebikers in Calgary too! (except all of my bikes are old restorations). Been riding mine for 25 years now.

          If you’re looking for a comfortable seat, try the Kris Holm street saddle. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s super comfortable for long haul rides. I’ve done a few ~15 mile rides on mine. Wide longboard trucks help a ton too.

          • RichHelms March 9, 2014


            I have a unicycle and was thinking of trying the saddle on my skatebike. I can get the correct unicycle seat post so that is not a problem. My challenge is I have the hand brake on my seat as well as a coaster brake and I need to figure out how to do a brake lever on the unicycle seat. I need to look and see how the mountain unicycles are doing their hand brake.

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