Dear Angie’s Premier

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, Theatre On The Ridge in Port Perry performed the play “Dear Angie” that Dorothea and I wrote as part of the Snapshots Short Play Festival.

“Like Dear Abby, diner owner Angie dishes out advice and food to her patrons based on their needs and wants, not a menu โ€” that is, until she meets a guest she canโ€™t read.”

The reveal of the secret caught the audience off guard, causing them to gasp. For many, myself included, the tears flowed. The staging was unlike anything we had imagined. At first we wondered how it would work, but it was genius.

Thank you Theatre on the Ridge and in particular director Carey Nicholson and cast members Carey, Barb Clifford, Graeme Powell and Conrad Boyce.

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