My Favourite Comics

  • Mother Goose & Grimm
  • Alt Alt
  • Alt Alt
  • BC Alt Alt
  • Dogs of C-Kennel Alt
  • Wizard of Id Alt
  • Alt No Sunday comic
  • Alt Alt
  • Alt
  • For Better or for Worse Alt
  • Alt
  • Alt
  • Alt

  • The Far Side
  • Shoe
  • Hi and Lois Alt
  • Bizarro Alt
  • Alt
  • Zits Alt
  • Alt Alt Alt

Alt after a link is an alternate site for that comic in case the main site is not working.

Each morning I hold down the Ctrl key and click on each comic to get my daily fix of comics.

A favourite thread recently was the perils of Susan's job situation on the Between Friends Comic Strip. Here is the post and my comment about it. And yes, this is where I ready my 32 comics every morning.

Hey everyone,
Thanks so much for all the kind words and the interest in my story arc about Susan's path to a new job! I didn't want to involve myself in the comments, but I read them all. It was kind of fun to see everyone guess where things were headed. And of course, Susan is just a comic character but I was touched by how supportive people felt for her. I hadn't planned on giving her a new job when I started just evolved that way. Her boost is my boost in a way. I'm excited for the new environment and new characters. Thanks again!

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