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Pucker Up – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

OK, I’m an English Bulldog – but on
St. Patrick’s Day, EVERYBODY’S Irish…


Today we bought a Cottage

margarets-new-houseOur excuse is we have no grandkids to fawn over. We were in Toys-R-Us looking for some props for a shot when we say a display of Little Tikes plastic cottages. Dorothea jokingly suggested Margaret would love one. The basic model was on sale. So – we bought one. On the drive home, we laughed like we haven’t laughed for a long time. It was worth it just for the comic relief.

I swear putting together a new real house is easier than this thing. Once it was done, we had to bribe Margaret with her supper to lure her in.


I can’t wait for someone to ask what we did on the weekend.


The ‘cottage’ in place now complete with welcome mat, flower planter, bulldog statue and swimming pool.

2009 Valentine Card


Margaret as a Cherub…
Doesn’t she look fine?
You would make her happy
If you’d be her Valentine!

Posing for this photo
Was really kind of fun
But Margaret soon found out
A Cherub’s work is never done


Helms 2008 Christmas Card

Front of the card inside

Margaret the Red-nosed Reindeer
Liked her little Antlers – NOT
She drove her parents crazy
Till they finally got THE shot!

Wishing You
A Doggone Great Holiday Season
And A New Year Filled with Treats!

Greetings from The Writing Fairy

Maggie’s Christmas 2008 Photo


Maggie is Margaret’s mother.

Photo courtesy of  Rose Brown

Margaret the Reindeer

OK. Whose brilliant idea was the antlers

OK. Whose brilliant idea was this

School Sweater


We think Stacy and Clinton would approve.

A Fall Walk

Margaret showed off her new fall sweater

New fall sweater

New fall sweater

My Two Girls out for a walk

My Two Girls out for a walk

Soaking up a little sun

Soaking up a little sun

A new variation on begging

A new variation on begging

Family Reunion

On Sunday Sep 28,2008 we traveled to Blackstock to see Margaret’s mother Maggie and her breeder Rose Brown. Margaret was so excited I had to hold her from climbing over me and out the car window. She was “going home.”

Maggie greets Margaret with a big kiss

Margaret and her mother Maggie

Some pictures of Maggie

Maggie – Christmas 2007

Maggie's birthday party

Now we know where Margaret gets sitting like this

For those interested Margaret is an “English Rose Bulldog” from Rose Brown
4091 McKee Road
RR #1
Blackstock, ON

Margaret’s new Favorite way to beg

Margaret’s new Favorite way to beg