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91 Chevy Sprint Convertible


This is my toy. It is a 91 Chevy Sprint Convertible (called a Geo Metro in the US that year). In March 98, I bought this car in pretty rough shape. The list of fixes to the engine and body are very long. The engine required a rebuild as an exhaust valve had burned out. The car had only 113K kilometers on it.

Driving a 70 Ton Dump Truck

Each bucket Dwight dumps into the truck holds 12 tons of granite.

I wanted to drive a big truck, so I drove a tractor-trailer. Once I had tasted the big rigs, I wanted bigger. I rode in an 18-ton tug while towing a 100-ton airplane – better, but I couldnโ€™t drive it. How about driving a 70-ton mining dump truck with a gross loaded weight of 250,000 pounds? ALL RIGHT!

Towing on a Grand Scale

In my quest to experience unusual vehicles, I spent a day with Air Canada. No, not in a jet, but towing a Boeing 767 around the airport. Air Canada has a total worldwide fleet of 335 aircraft; yet the company has 1,400 motorized vehicles at Toronto Lester B Pearson International Airport alone. Nine of those motorized vehicles are Douglas-Kalmar TBL-280 Tugmasters.

Running with the big dogs

I love to drive small cars, and my newspaper articles usually focus on compact and sub-compact vehicles. For this piece, I decided to drive something totally out of character. How about a Hummer? Nah – too small. I drive the smallest car in Canada – a smart car – so I figured it would be interesting to try driving the largest – a highway tractor-trailer. With the help of the Ontario Trucking Association, Challenger Motor Freight of Cambridge offered to host me for a day.

FAAC truck simulator. An ultimate video game, but watch for the hurl effect