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Clarion Turf Racing Photo Wins Honourable Mention

Today my photo “Clarion Turf Racing” won the honourable mention at the SPARK Photo Festival Themed Juried Show. The theme this year was “Motion.” I originally shot this as a Kodachrome slide in 1970 at a race in Clarion, PA with a Russian Zenit-E 35mm camera.

The Zenit-E was just about the most manual camera ever. You even had to manually close the iris before pressing the shutter. I found the slide a few years ago while scanning with a slide scanner. It could scan with high enough resolution to print at 11×17 at 300 dpi in 48 bit colour. With photoshop I could pull out the detail and colours as well as clean up dust and such. When I heard the theme was “motion,” I immediately thought of this race.

I am so honoured to receive an Honourable Mention. I am privileged to be included in such a remarkable group of photographers.

Announcement Video

My announcement starts at 1:20

Mentos in Diet Coke

Did the classic Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke for the grandkids. Dropped about 6 Mentos in. The video was shot with an iPhone 11 at 1080P 240 fps slow-motion. I thought it worked rather well. Diet Coke was used so there is no sugar mess left.

Rich Helms’ Farewell When He Left IBM in 1997

Recently while cleaning up my computer I found my farewell speech when I left IBM. I forgot many of these things I did. It is an interesting read.

My Favourite Comics

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Alt after a link is an alternate site for that comic in case the main site is not working.

Each morning I hold down the Ctrl key and click on each comic to get my daily fix of comics.

A favourite thread recently was the perils of Susan's job situation on the Between Friends Comic Strip. Here is the post and my comment about it. And yes, this is where I ready my 32 comics every morning.

Hey everyone,
Thanks so much for all the kind words and the interest in my story arc about Susan's path to a new job! I didn't want to involve myself in the comments, but I read them all. It was kind of fun to see everyone guess where things were headed. And of course, Susan is just a comic character but I was touched by how supportive people felt for her. I hadn't planned on giving her a new job when I started just evolved that way. Her boost is my boost in a way. I'm excited for the new environment and new characters. Thanks again!

Getting an ISBN in Canada

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the serial number of your book. It is unique through the world. Obtaining an ISBN in Canada is fairly easy. Realize as self-published, you are the publisher.

For Canadian writers the process of obtaining an ISBN is online and free from the Canadian ISBN Agency.
Link updated Nov 20, 2021

Realize your are the publisher in a self-published book. Enter yourself as the publisher. This sets up a set of ISBN numbers with each only differing by the last numbers

Once you get your ISBN, go to and enter the number without the dashes. Click on the “Generate Barcode“ button then download as PNG.