Another Skatebike Restoration from Australia

Andrew from Australia emailed me the other day to ask for advice on restoring his Minson Twisties Skate Bike.

My name is Andrew C. from Australia and I am really enjoying reading your website material. As with one of your other contributors, I too won a Twisties Skate Bike back in the 1980’s in a competition. I remember having a lot of fun on it for many years before it was relegated to the back of the garden shed where it has unfortunately deteriorated (35+ years).

I had pulled it out of storage a couple of months back thinking that I would like to restore it so that I could pass it onto my son who is now 7 years old and would probably enjoy having such a unique bike to ride with his friends.

I stripped everything off of it and have had the frame professionally stripped and painted ready to reassemble. Here’s where I hit a snag which led me to your website and reading about some other Skate Bike Restorations. I was thinking that I could walk into our local bike store, which is pretty well equipped, with all of the components and ask them to order new replacements. I am not hung up on it being exact replicas as it is more for actual use that putting on a wall as a thing to look at.

Before Pictures

It is even rustier than mine was. I will post updates as Andrew sends them.

On Feb 16, 2020 I posted the After Pictures.

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