How I Tie My Canoe to my Car

A friend asked me how I tie my canoe to my car. I figured I would just document it as this might help others. I usually paddle by myself so having a canoe I can load and unload is important to me.

One challenge I have is my canoe is carbon fibre and weighs only 29 pounds. While this is wonderful for loading on the roof, it is easy to fly off if the wind is blowing when you are putting it on the car. It is why step 4 is important for me. As soon as the canoe is on the roof, I loop velcro around the canoe and rack cross braces. This holds it on the car so that a wind can not carry it off before I get the big straps in place.

Mountain Equipment Coop has straps. Mine are from Muskoka Paddle Shack but they don’t list them on their website. Straps are longer than you think. Mine are about 12′ each. Buy longer than you need, secure your boat then trim and melt the ends.

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