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Robert Ortiz riding

Robert Ortiz riding his Skate Wheel Cykle in a parking structure.

Twisties edition of Minson Skate Bike

Joel Leek of Australia has a Twisties promotion edition 1983 Minson Skate Bike. You had to collect 10 Twisties packets and then mail in with the money to get one. Joel has never found another Twisties edition with the rear sticker – life is pretty straight without Twisties and also the red frame with yellow wheels and tyre (red and yellow Twisties packet colors).

Anyone else know about the Twisties Minson Skate Bike?

Nice pix!

Original Minson Skate Bike Owner’s Manual

I found the original owner’s manual for my Minson Skate Bike. I usually save owner’s manuals and while cleaning found it.

It is interesting that the manual refers to a 16″ wheel version (which is what I have) and a 12″ wheel version. I have never heard of the small wheel Minson. The LeRun used a 12″ wheel.

Here is the manual.

Minson Owners Manual-1

LeRun Operator’s Manual

Thanks to Jon Chan we have a copy of the original MTV LeRun skatebike.

MTV LeRun Original Commercial

I found a better version of the original MTV LeRun commercial.