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Another way to carry a smart car

In June 2006 I wrote about Dennis Murphy and his unusual way to carry hist smart car.

The Solution
Solution: Carry a smart car.

Today I heard from Carl-Erik “Stina” Johnsson of Helsingborg, Sweden with his solution. The truck is a 1990 Volvo that he bought new and used for 2,300,000 kms in his trucking company. There is a hydraulic crane and on the cage top a loop to fit the crane hook. It take around 12-15 minutes to load or unload.

Amazing system Stina.

Ordering new wheels

When I ordered the Camaro I got it with summer tires on steel wheels. My plan was to put winter tires on then get alloy rims for the summer tires. Well it is spring and time to order rims. These are the ones that I decided on.

'Avanti Racing' rims

‘Avanti Racing’ rims

Winter Driving

Last year, I decided that I would drive my 2012 Camaro in the winter. Mention this to friends and they haul out their horror stories of driving an old Camaro or Firebird in the snow. My research led me to believe that my new Camaro would fare better.

UltraGripThe first challenge was to find tires, as few companies make them for sports cars. I bought the Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3, a full V-rated winter tire, from Superior Tire in Port Perry. They mounted the snows on the original steel rims, and I will purchase alloy rims in the spring for the summers.

My first impression was that the tires were a bit noisier, but they felt firm and performed nicely. My main winter vehicle is a Jeep, so I am using the Camaro only on days when the snow is not too deep. The weight distribution on the Camaro is nearly ideal at 52/48. The 3.6L direct-injection V6 has a nice linear power curve for predictable acceleration, while the six-speed manual transmission gives me control.

This has been a mild winter, but while the Camaro’s low ground clearance limits its deep snow ability, I am amazed at how well the car handles in normal winter conditions. I miss heated seats, but the large engine warms up the interior quickly.

The reason I use the Jeep now is not deep snow; it is the mud on our dirt road. I hate getting my yellow car dirty.

New Car

The era of me owning a muscle car has begun. What has amazed me is how many “mature” men I see in bold sports cars. Those with a sharp eye will notice I put my IR SMART license plate on the car. I knew I was going to order a vanity plate so I thought why buy a regular one. I held a discussion on Facebook with suggestions such as BUMBLEB, MELOYELO, DOT RICH, I ROC, CMYELOCR, CNUCMENW and IR KWIK. Many of the suggested plated were already taken. I guess plates with grammar errors are not as popular so I got IR FAST. Thanks Carol for the suggestion.

Rich and Margaret with the Camaro

Start of a new era

A few weeks ago I sold my smart car of 7+ years. The green on green car while not quick was definitely an attention getter. An era had ended.

I did this interview on Aug 21, 2006 about Camaro coming to the Oshawa plant.

Joe Duarte, Autonet Sr. Editor, and I were interviewed by Janette Luu on Canoe Live discussing the announcement that GM Oshawa will build the new Camaro.


Sun TV – Canoe Live – Aug 21,2006

A new era starts this weekend as I take possession of my own Camaro a yellow with the retro “heritage” wheels. I never dreamed that I would buy the car I was commenting on.